George Booth C.1715


Ref No 384
An early 30 hour ebony clock by George Booth, Manchester C.1715.

The hood has a front opening door, side windows and a concave moulding beneath. The long trunk door has a knob fastener and a glass lenticle and the plain restored base sits on a small plinth. George Booth is well known for his excellent movements and this one has 4 beautifully turned pillars, all its original wheelwork and strikes the hours on a bell via and outside countwheel.

The 10″ dial has crown and cherub spandrels, a well engraved and signed chapter ring, engraving around the date box and a single brass hand. George Booth was known to be working in Manchester in 1709and was still producing clocks by 1740. He was undoubtedly Manchester’s premier maker, making 1/4 chiming and ball moon clocks, some housed in magnificent cases. He also continued to make good 30 hour clocks in humbler cases for the general market. For a full history see” Clockmakers of Manchester” by E. Davis.

Height: 80 ”

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